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Palliative Medicine Wiki is an online wikibook of palliative medicine for doctors, medical students and other health professionals.

This wikibook seeks to be an accurate source of up-to-date information about the field of palliative medicine with a focus on the symptoms, investigations, treatment and prognosis of terminal illnesses and their complications as well as on symptom relief issues and pharmacology that is relevant to palliative medicine. Any palliative medicine specialist, palliative medicine trainee or other doctor with an interest in palliative medicine is welcome to be an editor and to write and modify existing articles. The information contained in these pages is thus semi-peer-reviewed however its complete accuracy obviously can't be guaranteed.


This wikibook is still in an early stage of development and is in need of authors. If you are a doctor with an interest palliative medicine please consider registering to be an editor.

Writing Guide

Pages are aimed at health professional, particular doctors and medical students whose current work and/or study is in the field of palliative medicine or related fields. Details about the style of writing and how to reference information and categorize articles can be found in the writing guide help page.