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Who edits this text?

Palliative Medicine Specialists and other doctors either training in or with an interest in palliative medicine are the editors of this wiki. This helps maintain the focus of this wiki on palliative medicine (which is a subspecialty of medicine and a subset of palliative care) rather than in the broader topics of medicine or palliative care. Having palliative medicine specialists or doctors with an interest in palliative medicine helps ensure that the information is relevant and accurate.

The authors and editors of this wikibook are listed below:

Request Editing Rights

This wiki needs more editors. If you are a palliative medicine specialist, palliative medicine trainee or any doctor with an interest in palliative medicine please email admin @ palliativewiki .com

When emailing the the admin, please supply the following information:

  • Your name (full name)
  • Your tile
  • Qualifications
    • Your medical, specialist and other tertiary qualifications
    • Your country or countries of medical and training: *
  • Current medical or university work
    • Your current institution(s) of work (put none or retired if appropriate)
    • Your current country of work (leave N/A if not currently working)
  • Any further information you would like to add to what will become your publically viewable user page

The request may take one or two days to process. It would be ideal if no request for editor registration was required but unfortunately because of previous vandalism this step has been taken to avoid spam. Once your request has been reviewed and accepted, an account using your first and last name and a user page will be set up and all of the details you provided will be placed on this page. This will be a publicly viewable page.

How to create or edit pages

Once you have an account created you can log in using the link in the top right corner. Once logged in you can edit an existing article by clicking on the "Edit" link at the top of the article. If the article doesn't exist you click on "Create".

It is very straight-forward to edit articles - the easiest way to learn is to try to edit a page and learn by doing (PalliativeWiki uses the same software that Wikipedia does, so if you are familiar with editting in wikipedia, then you will be able to edit PalliativeWiki). Don't worry if you make mistakes - you cannot ruin a page as all changes are recorded and remembered and the page can be reverted to an older version at any time.

If you note grammtaical, spelling or factual errors in any page, please correct them. Of greater value is adding new content to an article and creating new articles as this online resource will only grow if doctors create new articles.

If you make significant changes to an article and would like to add your name to the list of authors of the page, then simply add your name under the author section. If no author section exists, at the end of the article please, create an author section as shown below:

== Authors ==

[[User:Your user name|Your name as you wish it to appear]]

If, whilst reading an article, you feel that there are significant controversial errors in it and that it needs to either be deleted or have a major re-write, you may make any changes you feel are necessary however please click on the "Discussion" link at the top of the article and give an explanation of the changes you have made. This allows other editors to understand the changes and respond to them.

For more details on the writing style of this online resource, see the Writing Guide page.